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From Dubai to Kazakhstan


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Indeed – Holland will be a perfect transition into Kazakhstan. Today the Dutch Newspaper warned the temperature in the North would feel like -17C, because of a northerly wind. January is the coldest month in Kazakhstan, with an average temperature of -5C in the south to -30C in the north. Here you go: moving there couldn’t be easier! Is it a good thing to try to prepare yourself, do research and google till your fingers are blue and the eyes watery? Hmmm ,,,let’s see? I just found a sort of official looking site which states that there is a current environment issue: “radioactive or toxic chemical sites associated with its former defence industries and test ranges are found throughout the country and pose health risks for humans and animals” (http://www.cac-biodiversity.org/kaz/kaz_country.htm)

Immediately I sit up straight and I feel a little itchy excitement creeping up  my spine. WHAT? Halleluja I will go to the bottom of this – CNN here is Ellen reporting for you… how come all these guys missed this important item? Ok we had Haiti, terrorists with heavy groins and what about Brad and Angelina? I check the website again and see that “current” means 2003. While scrolling through the info I also notice that Kazakhstan is so enormous that it is divided into three time zones! But the journalist in me has emerged: Ellengate is born – welcome to the world.

to be continued…….

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